What time in advance do you recommend for booking?

We recommend to book at least 1 week in advance of the required date. If your booking coincides with a national holiday we recommend to book with 15 days in advance at least.

Are there any discounts for groups?

We only offer special rates for corporate groups exclusively (special rates do not apply on Saturdays or national holidays).


Are the specified rates per person per room?

The specified rates are per room per night.

From what age do children pay?

Children pay lodging rate from 6 years old in advance.

Do lodging rates include taxes?

Yes, all of our rates include taxes.

Do lodging rates include meals / breakfast?

No, none of our lodging rates include meals / breakfast; nevertheless we count with 2 restaurants and 1 cafeteria at your service. Do lodging rates include costs at the SPA (pools-treatments? No, SPA pools-treatments costs are additional.

Do Suites with fire place have Jacuzzi?

No, Suites only have fire place. The rooms with Jacuzzi do not have fire place and they are located at the Hotel Area

Where are the Suites located?

They are located at 150 meters from the front desk. Rooms from 39 – 52 please access link: http://www.termaspapallacta.com/espanol/index_fl.html

Where are Family Cabins 2 floors / 1 bathroom located?

They are located at 150 meters from the front desk. Cabañas 33 – 38 please access link: http://www.termaspapallacta.com/espanol/index_fl.html

Is it possible to make lodging bookings for day visits?

No, our lodging services are only available for overnight stays, for day visits we suggest the SPA area.

Is it possible to arrive at the hotel before check in time (15h00)?

Yes, you may arrive to the hotel before check in time, you can register at the front desk and then access the Balneario pools which are open to the public without any extra cost or you might access the SPA pools for the respective additional cost. You can access to the exclusive lodging area-pools from 15h00 to 13h00 the following day.


Do you take all type of credit cards?

We accept the following local-foreign credit cards: VISA; MASTERCARD; AMERICAN EXPRESS & DINERS CLUB.

Do you take debit cards?

No, we don´t.

Can you pay with checks at the hotel?

No, we only take the previously mentioned credit cards

SPA pools-tratments / Balneario pools

Do the SPA packages rates apply every day?

No, SPA packages only apply during week days – do not apply on holidays or weekends.

What is the attention’s schedule for Balneario / SPA pools?

The Balneario Pools are open from 6h00 to 21h00.
The SPA pools are open from 9h00 to 18h00.


Is there good mobile service at the hotel facilities?

Yes, there is a normal mobile service at the hotel facilities (Movistar, Claro and CNT).

Is the hotel’s water supply thermal?

Yes, all of the water supply is thermal including pools and at the lodging areas.

Do you offer transportation service?

We offer private transportation service; it requires previous coordination through our office in Quito with the respective additional cost.

Do you admit pets at the hotel facilities?

No, our policies do not admit pets at the hotel / cabins facilities without any exception.

Do you have room service?